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One of the best budget-friendly meal replacement shakes on the market, Orgain Meal Replacement Powder offers great value, quality, and taste. It’s because of this that we call it a “triple threat.” With literally hundreds of meal replacements out there, it’s hard to find one that hits all the marks but is also easy on the wallet–but we finally did! If you want to lose weight, add more nutrition to your diet, or simply need a quick and healthy meal, you might want to give Orgain’s meal replacement a try.

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Quick Look

Product: Orgain Meal Replacement Powder
Price: $29.99 (at the time of this review)
Cheapest Place to Buy:
Amount of Servings: 16
Our Rating: 9/10

What’s Inside

Orgain was developed by a doctor who battled cancer and only uses organic ingredients. Orgain Meal Replacement powder is plant-based and has an impressive 8 grams of dietary fiber, 20 grams of protein, and 9 vitamins and minerals. It has multiple sources of organic protein such as chia seed and pea protein. You’ll also find fruits and veggies like beet, kale, acai, and blueberry.

orgain meal replacement

What’s NOT Inside

You won’t find any artificial ingredients inside Orgain meal replacement powder. There are no artificial sweeteners, which have been linked to many health hazards. Instead, you will find erythritol, which is a natural sugar alcohol. Orgain doesn’t use any preservatives in their products, either. And their meal replacement powder is also non-GMO.

Let’s Break It Down

We gave Orgain meal replacement powder a rating of 9/10. Orgain has an impressive list of ingredients for the price, and the flavor and texture rivals the most expensive meal replacement powders. However, it didn’t get a perfect score because while it has a great list of ingredients, it’s not quite up to par with some of the other meal replacements on the market. Let’s break it down by category.


You can buy Orgain from select Costco stores and multiple online retailers. The cheapest place we’ve found it is Amazon. At the time of this review, the sale price is $29.99. With 16 servings in a container, that comes out to $1.87 a serving. Compared to other meal replacements, this is on the cheaper end. But even though the price may be relatively cheap, the rest of the product is anything but. Orgain offers exceptional value with their meal replacement powder.


Like we mentioned above, Orgain has great, wholesome, organic ingredients. With 70% DV of Vitamin C and Vitamin B6, and 60% of Riboflavin (just to name a few), Orgain meal replacement powder is a great nutritional supplement. And with no artificial fillers, additives, or sugars, you can feel good about putting it in your body. Plus, Orgain bottles are BPA-free and made in the USA. Orgain is a company with very high standards, and it shows in their product quality.


There are several high-quality meal replacement powders out there, but it can be really hard to find one that tastes good that’s also budget-friendly. Enter Orgain. We’ve already established that Orgain is one of the more budget-friendly meal replacements, but does it taste good?

YES!! We’ve tried A LOT of meal replacements, and we can honestly say that Orgain is one of the best-tasting. Admittedly, we have only tried the Creamy Chocolate Fudge flavor (they also sell Vanilla–but hello, it’s CHOCOLATE). The chocolate flavor isn’t bitter or too rich. It’s just right. And unlike other meal replacement powders that need to be blended with fruit and other flavors to taste good, Orgain meal replacement tastes delicious just mixed with liquid.


If you’ve ever tried meal replacement powders before, you know some of them (a LOT of them) are gritty and just have a gross texture. Some we’ve tried even get foamy when we mix them (ewwww). Orgain’s Creamy Chocolate Fudge has such a great texture. It really is creamy and smooth and mixes really well–even without a blender! It’s one of the few powders we can put in a shaker cup and not have to worry about grittiness.

Orgain Meal Replacement for Everyone

Allergic to gluten? No problem. Orgain’s meal replacement powder is gluten-free! It’s also kosher, lactose-free, dairy-free, vegan, and soy-free. It’s a great meal replacement for really anyone–men, women, kids, teens, busy moms, etc. And it’s not just for losing weight, either. Instead of using it to replace a meal, you can simply add it to your normal diet to reap the nutritional benefits or get more calories in your diet. We also use it after a workout for a post-workout shake. So if you’re looking for a great meal replacement powder, give Orgain Organic Meal a try.

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  1. Yenge Eric

    WOW! such great information about this product. In fact, i have been searching the net for detailed information about something i can use for this purpose before I stumble upon your site and you have just given me exactly what i have been looking for.

    Really like you mentioned about texture, i have been very disappointed with a couple of food powders out there due to the foaming nature of it and have been looking for something that does not foam. But please tell me, is it good for diabetes patients?
    Thank you.

    • Michaela

      Thanks for your comment! Foamy shakes are the worst! Orgain actually has a section about diabetes in their FAQ section ( It looks like their products generally work great for people with diabetes! Like they mention though, always consult a doctor if you have any health issues!

  2. Ali

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    • Michaela

      Thanks, Ali! I’m glad you found the information helpful!

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